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Ford Sierra Cosworth Track Car (Kaliber tribute)

Surely the ultimate track day toy......

We are delighted to offer to market this Ford Sierra Cosworth 3 door, a tribute to the legendary Andy Rouse built “Kaliber” car. The car was completed earlier this year and although has been used at a few demos has yet to be used in anger on a track.

The original “Kaliber” car was built by the infamous Andy Rouse was campaigned in the 1988 British Touring Car Series. It has recently been sold at auction for an amazing £370,000 which makes this car an attractive buy indeed,

This car has been built by the guys at Redline Racing Motorsport Ltd in Cardiff who have over 30 years of experience with both race cars and Cosworths. They have built the car using a non sunroof 3 door bodyshell and painted the “Kaliber” colour scheme on to be as close to the original as possible. A 2.0 litre four cylinder Cosworth tubro engine is powering the car and pushing out a rough figure of 450 - 480 bhp depending on boost. There is a half cage fitted making the car ideal for the track day enthusiast or would even make the great basis of a historic touring car, with a few tweaks could easily run in a number of series’s. The spec of the car is as follows below.

Engine – Cosworth 200 Block

                 Long Studs

                 Shot & pined & polished rods

                 New bucket pistons

                 BD10 Inlet & Exhaust

                 WRC Head gasket

                 Heart plenum

                 Siemans Injectors

                 36.1 crank pulley

                 Omex ECU

                 New braided loom

                 Hybrid Turbocharger

                 Turbo Smart external waste gate

                 Tubular manifold

                 Screamer pipe

                 Side exit exhaust

                 Additional low DB exhaust

                 Air tec 500 Intercooler

                 Air tec radiator

                 Swirl pot

                 Holly lift pump

                 Twin 044 fuel pumps

                 Braided fuel lines

                 Samco Hoses

                 Pro alloy spare wheel fuel tank

Brakes & Suspension – Hi Spec front calipers

                                           Cosworth rear calipers

                                           Gripper differential and shafts

                                           Gaz gold suspension

Inrerior – Flocked dashboard

                  Sparco bucket seats x 2

                  4 point harnesses

                  Race tech Digital dash

Wheels & Tyres – BBS/MT alloy centre lock wheels

                                  Yokohama Advan slick Tyres


As you can see from the spec above this Cosworth  has been built to a high standard and would be hard pushed to replicate this build for less than £100,000 including labour to build and paint.

All yours for £79,995

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