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MEV Exocet Turbo

A very well built track car way more capable than you may think.

We are delighted to offer to market this MEV Exocet Turbo kit car track toy. Starting out life as Mazda Eunos it was stripped of all it fatty bits then some light weight bits added then a turbo charger added then tweeked a little more and viola you have a crazy track toy weighing just 860kg and 226 bhp on tap at the wheels. Lets go…….

The original donor car was brought into the UK in 2016 then the MEV builder/creator found it and turned it into what we have today. The Exocet was put through and IVA in 2018 and passed with flying colours. It is not the gentleman’s first rodeo with building cars either. When building the car lots of parts have been replaced out for new or uprated to keep the build standard as high as possible despite being a relatively cheap alternative kit car. As you can see from some of the detailed pictures the Exocet is in great condition throughout. Originally this was built to be a fast road car but has spent more time on a track and since being built has participated in three track days and I am informed out performed a lot more expensive machinery.

Although the drive train and engine from the Eunos were used the 1.8 engine has had a little assistance from a TD04 turbocharger running around 7 PSI. Some other trick parts from the Mazda tuning world that have been applied to this are a G19 manifold and down pipe, Link monsoon ECU, Skuzzle performance clutch, all suspension components polybushed throughout and Meister R Zeta pro coilovers. I am sure there are more parts missing from the list also.

All yours for £13,995.00

We think you will be hard pushed to find a faster track car for less money.

2018 MEV Exocet Turbo: Product
2018 MEV Exocet Turbo: Pro Gallery
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